Welcome to my website, where I will collate my research, ideas and thoughts. I am an Architectural Designer and a Doctoral Researcher at Birmingham City University researching citizen participation in the planning of smart cities.

My primary research interests are in the areas of urban form, technology, participatory architecture and future cities. I have a vivid interest in democracy and its inter-relation with architecture and planning on both inter-national, national and local scale.

Добре дошли във моя уебсайт, където ще събирам идеи, размисли и статии. В момента проучвам връзките между активно гражданско общество, градско планиране и умни градове. Аз съм докторант към университета Бирмингам Сити.

¡Bienvenidos a mi sitio web! Aqui voy a recoger mi ideas y publicacciones.

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