Always aiming to find out more about the world than the prescribed dose of knowledge presented to me. Pragmatic and focused, taking every opportunity that comes my way. I have a track record of professional experiences ranging from working with vulnerable people to producing tender drawings. My personal interests are in the areas of culture, youth, technology, democracy and enabling citizen participation within the built environment.

CURRENTLY: Doctoral Researcher in Urban Planning | Birmingham City University

Researching the role of young people in the planning of smart cities. Working title: Youth’s perceptions and participation in the co-production of the future ‘smart city’. Engaging, connecting and empowering the roles of citizens in the planning of cities in Europe.

For more information about my work experience and education, visit my LinkedIn Profile AFFILIATIONS:  RIBA Associate Member; Academy of Urbanism Young Urbanist; RTPI Licentiate Member



Here you can find example of my writing.

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RIBAJ: Building the legacy of the 21st century: The UN Habitat III conference, 14 November 2016, Words: Simeon Shtebunaev and Rowan Riley

Commonplace Blog: Young people as the driving force of our built environment, 17 February 2020, Words: Karen Jelenje, Alison Noehrbass and Simeon Shtbeunaev

INVOLVED Magazine: Head out of the sand: Where next for YOUR Architectural Education, 18 November 2019, Simeon Shtebunaev