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For opportunities to become involved individually as a young person or to collaborate as a teacher, researcher, etc.

As an individual
Contact the researcher via email at simeon.shtebunaev@mail.bcu.ac.uk. If you are aged 16 or 19, then you can consent to the interview on your own. If you are aged 15, then you will have to seek parental consent.

Como un individuo
Póngase en contacto con el investigador por correo electrónico a simeon.shtebunaev@mail.bcu.ac.uk. Si tiene 16 o 19 años, puede dar su consentimiento para la entrevista por su cuenta. Si tiene 15 años, deberá buscar el consentimiento de los padres.

As a collaborator
If you are a teacher, head of school or a pupil in KS4 or KS5, then there is an opportunity to take part in the research by organising an education workshop in your school. Contact the researcher for more information: simeon.shtebunaev@mail.bcu.ac.uk

Proof of Donations

Between the 4/12/2020 and 07/02/2021 Surveys ran in Birmingham and Manchester which attracted 30 and 32 valid responses respectively. To stimulate participation, every survey committed to donate £5 per valid response. One individual in each city were also selected randomly and sent a £20 voucher from Amazon via email provided.

The charity breakdown was as follows:
St Basils, Birmingham – 15 people, total donation of £75, Transaction ID 4324-9467-9944-7813
The Birmingham Children’s Hospital – 11 people, total donation of £55, confirmation via email

42nd Street, Manchester – 13 people, Donation of £65, Receipt reference 216367901
AKT, Manchester – 11 people, total donation of £55, confirmation via email

UK Student Climate Network – Combined total of 12, total donation of £60, confirmation via email

In total, £310 were donated to charity in lieu of responses. Gift Aid was applied were option provided. We can provide receipts should you wish to verify our donations. All donation were made on the 07/02/2021.

Comprobante de donaciones

Entre el 24/12/2020 y el 31/03/2021 se realizaron Encuestas en Valencia y que obtuvieron 30 respuestas válidas respectivamente. Para estimular la participación, nos comprometimos a donar a Unicef Valencia 150 euros si llegaban 30 respuestas de los participantes. Las personas en Valencia también fueron seleccionadas al azar y se les envió un cupón de £ 20 desde Amazon a través del correo electrónico proporcionado.

UNICEF España – Donación total de 150 euros, confirmación vía email on the 03/03/2021

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For further information you can contact: simeon.shtebunaev@mail.bcu.ac.uk
Researcher’s UK phone number: +44 (0) 7460832916

If you wish to keep informed, updates about the project will be published here.